Impact report 2018

BeLoved Atlanta is a community of restoration for women who have been commercially sexually exploited.

2018 was an incredible season of growth for BeLoved! We were founded around the importance of community as we believe the majority of trauma happens within relationships thus the majority of healing also happens within relationships. This past year, we opened our third residential home a few lots down from our second home. This brought the dream of community living to life. We watch as residents walk over to check in on one another, cook dinner, and journey with each other. A lack of comprehensive resources for specific needs is one of the major problems the women we serve face. Thus we work to provide individualized care for residents through our three phases of restoration, education and employment. To ensure each resident receives the highest level of care, we value a low staff to resident ratio. In 2018, we brought on two new case managers who have stepped into their roles with incredible patience and grace. This gives each resident the support and care to create a plan for her specific goals. Almost seven years into this and we continue to be asked the same question, what is the greatest need? Though awareness has increased, the answer is the same, more beds. BeLoved is now able to serve eleven women but we don’t want to stop there. As we look to the future, we want to continue to establish high impact residential homes, retain and grow expert staff, and engage and increase community partners.


I’m grateful to be part of a community I believe in whole heartedly.

Resident JD



BeLoved serves women over the age of 18 who are overcoming commercial sexual exploitation, addiction and homelessness. We average 30 calls a month from women looking to get off the streets, the hope of getting sober, and overcoming past trauma. Though we primarily serve women in the greater Atlanta area, women come from across the continental United States.

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STORIES of impact



We love when women step into a role of mentoring and guidance for our residents. For the past year, Karen Glass, Founder of Ø GLASS, has taken one of our residents under her wing in a mentoring relationship. They meet for meditation most mornings during the week. As this resident has expressed a desire to start a social enterprise, Karen has invited her behind the scenes of her business to get a real life glimpse of what it would look like to lead in this way. They see their relationship as a two way street, of pouring into one another and learning from one another. It has been a beautiful friendship to watch!

Host Homes

The holidays can be some of the hardest times for women in our program. They remind them of loss—loss of loved ones, hopes, and dreams. When the rest of the world is celebrating the warmth of family, they often feel alone and discarded by a culture that denies their worth. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, five families volunteered to invite our residents into their home to have a home cooked meal and to be in an environment that was welcoming and safe. Despite some initial resident doubts, the stories that came out of these moments together and the impact for the family and residents was so encouraging.



Volunteer Spotlight

We love when volunteers are able to assist us in transportation or bringing meals to the residents but the best is when we see our volunteers truly become friends with residents. Holly has been part of our community for a few years now and loves to pop into our office to say hi and see how everyone is doing. The residents love getting time to chat with “Ms. Holly” and are always asking when she is coming back! Holly is always intentional in remembering hard dates or holidays and dropping off thought-filled goodies. We are so thankful for everyone in our volunteer community and could not do this work without you!


2018 financials

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I’m grateful for dependable people who are concerned for my spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Resident LD





We often look at women in prostitution as criminals, but we believe that each woman deserves to be respected by her community. She is gifted, strong, and trustworthy; she is a survivor.
— Amelia Quinn | President & Founder