She Is Graduating

2015 is over. What?

The end of the year is a crazy time around BeLoved (I would assume for most non-profits, who am I kidding, for everyone). The majority of our fundraising is done during this time so we are meeting with donors, writing tons of thank you notes and every year attempting to learn how to run a larger campaign. We also have four beautiful women who deserve to celebrate all Christmas means but are learning how to do that in a healthy way for the first time.

In the middle of all the chaos, I feel like the Lord keeps speaking REST over me and what it really looks like to rest in the Lord. I'm the first to admit, I'm not sure if I know what it means and most of the time I think I miss out on this promise for the Lord.

My pastor spoke on Psalms 23 this season and the first verse has been on repeat in my mind.

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."

In a season that is filled with want, what does it look like to be so satisfied in the Lord and I truly do not want? Most days I'm not even sure what if feels like to not want a couple more hours of sleep but hey, I'm trying. That counts, right?

Maybe more for myself than anyone else, this is my attempt to take a second and rest in the Lord's provision over the past few weeks, to be satisfied in His goodness and not want.

Yesterday, a beautiful resident who had been with BeLoved over two years, graduated. No part of me held it together through the day. We surprised her with a breakfast where we sat around and laughed at the last two years. She entered the BeLoved Program when were still working from my mom's house. I'm not sure how we convinced her to trust our team with this holy journey but I will forever be grateful that she did. She has been a consistent rock in our program, showing such determination and persistence all while giving our team grace as we figured out how this whole residential program worked.

We are ending the year launching a healthy, strong women back into the world with the support of an amazing community, $150,000 to purchase a home to serve more women, and a Shepherd who frees us from constant want and I'm learning that is all we need.

– Amelia