Meet Our Summer 2016 INTERNS!

We might be bias, but, we truly believe we have the BEST interns ever. This summer we get the privilege to hangout with two incredible women who have committed to serving our residents and staff!

Introducing Sarah and Kaley...

1. Why did you want to intern at BeLoved Atlanta?

Sarah: God has been directing my heart and passions towards the issue of sexual exploitation for several years, and I believe that the Lord has called me to spend my life serving women who have been exploited, abused, and enslaved—whether it be to a a person, a substance, or a lifestyle. This summer I wanted an experience that would show me what it’s like to to serve this population of women and allow me to be a part of the fight for healing and restoration. On my first day at BeLoved, I was reminded that it took a lot of broken people and failed systems to get a woman on the streets, so it is going to require a community to get her out. I want to be a part of that community. 

Kaley: BeLoved Atlanta is changing the lives of those who have been commercially sexually exploited and doing so while keeping Jesus as the focus. The church often neglects outreach for this population of people, and Beloved Atlanta not only gives their all to helping these women, they are showing the love of Jesus to the city with the highest sex economy in the U.S. I sought the chance to intern with Beloved Atlanta because I want to be a part of the work Jesus is doing in restoring the lives of these women as well as be around disciples of Christ who have a passion and heart for this issue.

2. What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Sarah: I love that every day in the BeLoved office is different! Generally I run errands, help with transportation for the residents, participate in Bible studies and life skills classes, and assist with case management. 

Kaley: So far every day has looked different, which is fun. Tasks range from cleaning, getting lost while running errands with Sarah, sitting in on meetings, having allergy flare ups from sorting clothing donations, doing kettle bell workouts, and most importantly, spending precious time with the residents in the program.

3. What is your favorite part about interning at BeLoved Atlanta?

Sarah: My favorite thing about interning for BeLoved is that I get to be a part of something that is so much bigger than myself. I love seeing that even though I am so small in the face of such an immense issue, the Lord is still giving me the chance to make a difference. I love being a part of a community that will do whatever it takes to bring freedom and healing to our city. 

Kaley: My favorite part up until now and until the end will be spending time with the incredible residents. No amount of effort I put in to helping them could ever closely compare to what I have learned from them and what I have gained from their impact on my life. They are precious women who I hope to continue to grow with for many years to come.

4. What goes on in your life outside of BeLoved Atlanta?

Sarah: This is my last summer home as an undergraduate student, so I am spending as much time with friends and family as I can! I also work at a coffee shop and am in the process of applying to graduate programs. Otherwise, one would typically find me reading books, going hiking, watching Gilmore Girls, or drinking coffee. 

Kaley: On the days I am not at BeLoved, I work at a clothing boutique. I am living away from home this summer, so when I am not busy I try to visit the family. In the remaining amount of spare time I have, I will go on an occasional jog, do a few push-ups, watch the Bachelorette, and drink lots of coffee.

5. What is your favorite place to hang out in Atlanta?

Sarah: Any and all of the coffee shops. I also really love the BeltLine and Tiny Doors. 

Kaley: I haven’t done too much “hanging out” in Atlanta, except for when I find myself hanging out on I-85 because of traffic. However, I love Passion City Church and The Real Chow Baby with my whole heart.

6. Where do you want to be in 15 years?

Sarah: In 15 years I hope to be a clinical psychologist and to be helping women through addictions, eating disorders, and abuse/trauma. I’ll get back to you on the details in about 15 years ;) 

Kaley: In 15 years I hope to be serving my Jesus with all that I am, whatever that looks like. I feel the Lord has given me a burning passion for this specific population of women and I may be fortunate enough to get to help these women as a career. I also have a mad love for Africa and the orphans in that beautiful place, so I feel I could possibly end up over there at least for a little while. I do hope to get married and have a family someday, but my first priority will be serving Jesus until He calls me home.

7. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Sarah: I was a dancer for most of my life and always thought that I would pursue dance as a career. Jesus completely redirected my life, but I still love dance and will forever be tempted to grand jete down grocery store aisles.

Kaley: I have a 6-year- old sister and a 5-year- old brother my family gained through fostering.