We are a community of restoration for women who have been commercially, sexually, exploited.

The BeLoved family is a long-term commitment to see a group of women who are traditionally shunned and negatively labeled succeed.

It doesn’t matter what you bring to the table, it only matters that you show up to the table!

“Even in the context of suffering—poverty, violence, human rights violations—not belonging in our families is still one of the most dangerous hurts. That’s because it has the power to break our heart, our spirit, and our sense of self-worth.”
— Brené Brown

“Our family has been part of the BeLoved mission for the past several years. We can honestly say it’s our favorite organization in the WORLD! There is nothing better than supporting an organization monthly that is making a difference daily. The team work tirelessly for freedom.  There are many ways to come alongside them and we are so thankful to be able to do so, in one way, financially.”
— Frank Vaughn
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Each blue person above represents our current BeLoved family, help us reach our goal of 20 new monthly donors!
***One person represents 5 monthly donors.

Financial hardship is a primary factor in a woman’s decision to reenter the game. It takes tremendous courage and faith to make the decision to leave and once that decision is made I believe it is critical for the individual to find support immediately. This journey is so difficult and the work is hard, it is easy to return to old ways. Not because you want to but because it is familiar and easy. Services such as residential treatment, safe housing, individual and group counseling are particularly important. It is almost impossible to change your life and circumstances while still living in your current situation.”
— BeLoved Resident

monthly donor spotlight

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We are monthly givers because it helps us manage our budget easier and we are more reliable to give a recurring automatic monthly gift than we would a lump sum. We also understand the importance of an organization to be able to operate a monthly budget, without monthly giving I imagine it would be really hard for an organization to plan for the month.

We had been giving to another organization similar to Beloved, before Beloved began. When I heard Amelia was taking on this adventure I wanted it to also be successful in a city that desperately needs this organization. I have three girls and my heart breaks knowing how easily girls hearts and minds can be filled with false hope in this world. BeLoved is an organization that went out there rescuing and advocating for girls and women. We need them!

My monthly donor giving is a selfish way for me to help.  I just don’t feel I have time to give with a full time job and 3 little girls. Being able to give monetarily at this point in life is how I hope to help.


As I have gotten older I have begun to see the value in long-term and low-key work. I didn't want to be committed to an organization because they are trendy. I wanted to invest my time and money into an organization that I saw tremendous potential for in the future. BeLoved's vision is not something that can come to fruition in a day, a month or even a year. I knew Amelia and the women and men behind BeLoved were committed to a multi-year process. Shouldn't I be willing to do the same if I really believe in their mission? Furthermore, I do not have a large amount of money to give. I am a teacher and large checks are not something that I can write. I can however be faithful to the small and believe that over time I am truly contributing to the redemptive processes of these precious women. 

I have had the unique opportunity of watching BeLoved grow from infancy. Amelia and I have been friends since our early childhood and I don't believe there is anyone in my life that I am more proud of than her. I heard about the vision of BeLoved before it became a reality and through every twist, turn and setback I have watched Amelia faithfully fight to serve the women of Atlanta.

I have met many of the women who have been in the program and have heard them speak about the opportunities and hope that BeLoved offers them. The main support is emotional. The women in BeLoved know that they are loved. They are loved by a good-God who has created them and desires to redeem them, and he is using the staff members, volunteers, donors and community partners to make that redemption possible. I trust that my money is going towards good work. I am so excited to watch God's faithfulness towards BeLoved unfold over the many years and I am committed to participating.

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I do not live in Atlanta. I live in Houston, TX. However, I love the city of Atlanta deeply. I grew up just south of Atlanta and still have many family members and friends in the area. It feels like home every time I visit. Giving towards BeLoved helps me feel connected to a city that I do not get to walk the streets of very often. I still feel invested in the well-being of Atlanta and its women. This is extremely valuable to me. It keeps me connected to my roots.