2018 was a whirlwind. We built our third house and expanded our services to serve eleven women. All while growing our staff to meet the growing needs. Having two houses on the same street has been a blessing. Watching the community grow together. Support one other. And encourage each other in ways we’ve never seen before. So although 2018 was a whirlwind, it was a blessing seeing God’s perfect timing. I’m excited to see all God has in store for 2019 cause we ready.
—Michelle Hoeft | Vice President

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As I look back at 2018 I am full of gratitude for the growth we saw as an organization and the growth in individual residents’ lives. As we expanded into our third home and grew our capacity to serve eleven residents, we got to see even more women step into new opportunities for growth and restoration. It has truly been beautiful to witness our residents' journeys over the past year, and to celebrate their victories and tackle their challenges alongside them. I look forward to this year ahead and all of the opportunities it holds.
—Laura Hamilton | Program Director

When I look back on the last year I'm blown away by the perseverance and growth that has been a constant despite continuous transition. In this same season we've experienced our share of growing pains, watching residents choose to leave, walking through relapse, and the struggle to create healthy boundaries and the lessons that come with that. My hope and prayer for this next year is that as a community we'd meet hardships with grace for one another and as a result, unity and peace would become the foundation.
—Meg Chizmadia | Case Manager

I am so grateful to have joined the BeLoved Atlanta community this year. As a case manager I have gotten to celebrate big and little victories with the residents that have all represented a clean start for them. It’s been a wonderful experience assisting them in reaching the milestones of getting new IDs, reaching sobriety dates and working towards healthiness. I have loved seeing volunteers get involved and all they do to assist in the recovery of our residents. I know big things are in store for this next year for BeLoved and I can’t wait!
—Audrey Baxter | Case Manager

Every year at BeLoved brings new challenges. 2018 was a year of growth and pushing ourselves. We expanded our team and expanded the amount of residents we are able to serve. Mostly we learned that growing pains are no joke, we sit in the tension of wanting to do more but wanting to do it with excellence. We have reevaluated, back tracked and then pushed forward again. I ended the year in a car with the BeLoved residents who feel more like family driving around looking at Christmas lights and was reminded all over again how much it is all worth the challenges.
—Amelia Quinn | President & Founder